Second Hand Laptops Under 300 Dollars

Second hand laptops under 300 dollars are no longer an impossibility thanks to websites like, and Websites like these and others now offer relatively similar killer deals on Second hand laptops under 300 dollars. These Refurbished laptops can offer great prices and excellent value. A 15.6” Gateway sporting Windows 8 and a 500GB SATA hard drive will only set you back $258 dollars on! A 15.6” HP bearing 4GB memory and 320GB hard drive is only $274 dollars at

This is an excellent second hand Laptop under $300 dollars! If this is still outside ones budget, one may consider downsizing to ease the price a bit. Instead of a 15.6” laptop if one makes the sacrifice to a 14” laptop, one can save close to fifty dollars and spend a mere 229 dollars on something like a Dell latitude notebook. Of course, even though quite often the lower the price the more you sacrifice, whether it be a smaller hard drive or older operating system, remember great deals exist.

Great deals like an HP Elitebook Notebook with 120GB Hard drive and 4GB memory for only 254 dollars are actually not hard to find. Brands like Acer, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Dell and more are all offered second hand for less than half the price of the same product new. Buying Second hand Laptops is like buying a car that has been test driven and then detailed. The price drops in half but the Quality stays the same. To the smart shopper with a keen eye for value, a great way to buy a quality Laptop, while still keeping within your budget and ensuring that you are not being scammed by private sellers and auction sites, is to go to a reputable website or store like mentioned and buy a second hand laptop for under 300 dollars.

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