Tips on Getting the Best Hardware for Laptops Under 300 Dollars

Laptops-400-dollarsConsumers have a surprising number of options when looking for laptops under 300 dollar in today’s market thanks to rapid advances in technology which causes the prices of tech products to plummet over time.  The sub $300 price range generally has either used/refurbished 15 inch laptops models or brand new 11 inch Netbooks. Notebooks in particular have recently become more popular with modern manufacturers. Looking for laptops within a specific price range will require following a few tips to ensure you are happy with the end result.

Resources such as CNets laptop buying guide and LaptopNinja’s guide to laptop reviews under $300 can offer helpful aggregated reviews of the fastest laptops under $300 and the most popular budget laptops available. That said, it’s always advisable doing as much of your own research as possible as everyone has different needs.

Hard Drive  Many fast laptops under 300 dollars will have hard drives that are between 100-250GB. This will typically be more than enough for a consumer to install games and other programs for productivity. Inexpensive laptops are a great choice for students who need a computer to surf the web and require somewhere to store a lot of media, including all of their moves and series. College kids today do not want a desktop computer set up in a dorm room and laptops are more convenient for both work and play as well as keeping all of their files safe. Laptops with larger hard drives can sometimes be more expensive.

RAM – The RAM for cheap laptops will generally be between 2-4GB. This is usually enough for most programs, although if you are an advanced user you may have trouble with more intensive applications. This will depend on the model and any additional features. Ideally, try and go for 4GB of RAM to prevent sluggishness, especially if it is a Windows 8 laptop.

CPU – Laptop computers that cost less than $300 will typically have a low-end processor. These will either be AMD Athlon or Intel, with Intel usually being the most popular choice. Most new laptops will come with at least a Dual Core processor, though if you are lucky you may be able to find an AMD Quad Core variant. A slower CPU is often found on laptops that will not have top of the line features and options included so be careful of what applications you want to run before making your decision.

Refurbished  These are laptops that have been reconditioned by the manufacturer. They are not sold as used because they have been restored to the original factory settings. The benefit of a machine that has been refurbished is the hardware has been tested to ensure successful operation. One of the better types of refurbished laptops for a consumer is from Toshiba as this manufacturer has better reliability.

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