Who Makes the Best Budget Laptops Under 300-400 Dollars?

budget-laptopsThere are many manufacturers who produce some high class budget laptops for the modern market. Due to the recent recession as well as the cut throat competition within the technology industry at large the budget laptop market has become a healthy looking prospect for modern day citizens as more and more people look to save as much cash as possible and cut down on their costs so as not to drown in a well of debt.  A lot of these manufacturers are consist in their quality and have gained reputations as top providers for those looking for the ultimate budget gaming solution.


Asus is an excellent example of a company that offers both high end products as well as low-end machines catered more towards the budget market. They produce a number of laptops that are also gaming friendly with on-board cards and fast CPU’s. Originally a hardware motherboard manufacturers, their prowess when it comes to finding the cheapest and most effective hardware that will give consumers a low level entry point to technology without compromising the fundamental virtues of a decent laptop is unmatched.

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Toshiba is another prime example of a company with a reputation for providing excellence in the low budget market. This Japanese manufacturers are especially know for their gaming ranges which some users swear buy. They are a huge corporation with their interests even expanding as far as nuclear power – you can be sure that whatever technology is in use there is also filtering down to your budget sub 300 dollar laptop slowly but surely!


Last but not lease, a lot of people will be shocked to have Apple included in a budget list of any sort. This is a hard truth, as Apple does genuinely only cater for higher end products,  but that said by playing off of their reliability it isn’t too hard to find a second hard or refurbished Macbook for an Apple enthusiast (or first timer) on a shoestring budget. Be warned though – Apple are extremely stingy with making new software available for older machines unlike Windows, meaning you will almost certainly be running an outdated version of Mac OSX.

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